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Occupy Andover

April 16, 2012

What comfort to look back and say
I told you it would come to this?
And you stayed home to watch the news
and I tried to live within my means
and the world went on rolling past
until it all caught up with us

I grew up in a better estate
In the age of green shield stamps
all we really had to complain about
was too much gold in the wallpaper
‘cos after a couple of years of glow
it’s bound to turn to brown you know

When I was just a little girl
they offered us the high-rise life
and I counted them go up and up
playing at Mary, Mungo and Midge
but we moved out to overspill town
then I counted them all fall down

When we were done with walking
in the rare of future air
a well-placed charge dealt with some
smart implosions with line-side views
or knocked down piecemeal to cut the dust
so we didn’t breathe in the asbestos

Now I spy in my mind’s eye
new stories in much richer shades
Leftovers again, my guts complain
Once wasn’t more than enough?
Is this the same-old stuff of dreams
or a whole lot of less than nowt?


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